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A funny and acrobatic story about two couples in a summer-love, who are surprised by a terrible, clumsy and lonely shark. The “enemy” tries to seduce the girls with gifts and by demonstrating his courage and power through incredible acrobacies made on his territory, an “aquatic-trapeze”. When in danger, many

times in the show, the couples find security on the aerial-acrobatic corda-lisses where they also create moments fulfilled with a great visual performance. Recommend to all ages, TCHU-TCHU-TCHU stablishes a direct communication path with the audience no matter where it´s presented.

In TCHU-TCHU-TCHU the company harmonically mixes circus techniques with great theatrical moments.

The chosen proposal is similar to cartoons bringingdifferent rhythms and dimensions to the scenes where there are also included some clown techniques.

The plot is based on physical actions, universal signals and the language spoken by the actors is the, so called, “gramelo”. Specifically created to the process, this abstract and functional language allows flexibility for introducing local expressions in the show when presented in different areas: a good way to approach the public to what is happening in the story. 

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