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Crossroad_urban tales, the challenge of taking and suspending on stage notorious situations that when executed some meters from the ground excites the spectator to re-orientate its way of thinking about everyday actions.

This is a musical-aerial-performatic show where the stage turns into a crossroad. In this city common people live on corners and streets, they hurry, hit each other, flirt and take advantage of ones inattention.

But as fantasy is allowed in theatre theses characters literally fly over the crossroad breaking and changing the routine. The underground world sung by Tom Waits is performed by theses figures of prostitutes, pimps, tramps and poets lived by the five performers who change costumes a thousand of times and live comical and dramatic situations on ground and in the air.

As any other city with its folk personages this story is conduced by a musician and poet so called Casca Grossa, who lives on streets with his cello Bafo Quente. In a constant state of lethargy– or poetry –, Casco Grossa is the perfect victim in a city where there is no place for naivety.

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