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Inspired in the philosophical text “Praise of Madness” from Erasmo de Rotterdam, this show plays a day in a man’s life captured by his own universe where he spends the time in the creation of paper birds and, through multi-facetated manifestations of his character, build up sceneries where he finds the room to express his “pulsing–breath-of-existence”.

During the long creation period of EUÉTHEIA, personal-dance, mimises and butoh techniques were developed. Then, on the performer’s body, it was possible to codify physical states, voice qualities and gestus taken from the nine nymphs who always accompany MADNESS, according to Rotterdam.

Meanwhile with movements that most got pressed from personal-dance trains and impros with a live cello, the choreographer could notice a physical repertory that later became a dance So called The DANCE OF MADNESS.

During the show the performer also acts on Indian-ropes making use of aerial acrobacies and dances usually executed some meters above ground.

The aesthetic proposals contained in scenery and costume were based on lithographies from the Spanish painter GOYA. 

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